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IT Solutions

We listen to our customers to understand their needs and then work to find innovative and reliable solutions to their needs. Our technicians strive to deliver cost effective solutions and excellent customer service so that our customers are proud to recommend us to others. Our goal is to continually improve our company, our community, our industry and our services.

Computer repair and IT services.

IT SolutionsOur strength here at Dura-Tech is our ability to listen to our customers, determine their needs, and then find the perfect solution every single time. We take pride in the way that we can find innovative solutions that also come within the desired budget and we can do this thanks to the capabilities of our technicians. Our customer service is at such a high standard that a large percentage of our business comes from satisfied clients recommending us to others. However, as a company we do not believe on resting on our laurels, but instead we continually strive to improve ourselves and to bring working solutions to an ever increasingly satisfied customer base.

Network, hardware, and software consulting.

Our engineers here at Dura-Tech are capable of dealing with any job no matter the size or apparent complexity. After carefully consulting with you the client, they will work on creating the perfect solution that fits your needs every time to ensure that your system or network will perform the way that you want it to. Our experience within this field allows us to offer a wide range of services from full network upgrades, to software migration, complete reconfiguration of computers, or providing a full VPN solution for your business.

However, one of our major features is the way in which we consult with you the client throughout the entire process explaining why we have taken certain decisions and offering you the information you require in order to understand your own system. We also only use the best equipment and software in the business, which is why we use Microsoft, Cisco, and Novell as they are names you can trust.

Large or small networks for business, education, and healthcare.

Dura-Tech has the expertise to first of all design and then install any network you require no matter the size or complexity. Our engineers have direct experience in dealing with networks designed for small businesses up to large scale enterprises whereby hundreds of users are required to gain access at the one time. We do not believe in rushing our designs, but instead prefer to take time to consult with our clients to ensure that the network that is built from the outset is the perfect one for your needs.

Computer/Workstation repair and installation.

Dura-Tech is now an official service provider for Acer, which is one of the biggest names within the computer industry. This means that we can now service and repair your Acer computer by our fully qualified engineers who all meet the standards as set out by Acer themselves. We can conduct full warranty work and do so professionally and getting your computer up and running once again.

Indoor wireless solutions.

WIFI ConfigurationThere are instances whereby it is either impossible, or impractical to run wired solutions for your network. In the past this did pose a problem, but now advances in wireless technology means that you can gain a new freedom with regards to how you access your network indoors. Gone are the days where you are stuck to your desk as now you can roam free and the technology that we install will provide you with a strong connection no matter where you may be. This technology can be used in a number of useful and innovative ways and thanks to new technology from the likes of Cisco and Proxim, we can now install a fully wireless solution without it impacting on the quality of your system.

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