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Dura-Tech Repair Solutions

Here at Dura-Tech we provide a number of repair solutions for your business computers. Our technicians are highly skilled at first of all identifying the problem and then repairing it professionally, on time, and on budget. We believe in being open and honest about the problem at hand, which is why a member of our team will explain what the issue may be and the steps that need to be taken in order to rectify the problem.

Computer and Server RepairWe understand that it is vital to get your computers running again or your business can potentially lose out on a lot of money. Our engineers work tirelessly to solve your problem in the shortest possible time with this being possible thanks to the experience that they have within the industry.

Our repairs department covers several key areas, so we are able to deal with any issue no matter how big or small it may be.

Computer repair with Dura-Tech

Computers are wonderful until something goes wrong with them and this problem is made worse when you are a business and need to have all of your equipment working at all times. Our engineers at Dura-Tech are on call and able to fix any problems you may have quickly and efficiently with us being able to offer a number of solutions that will mean your business is not affected by computer issues. Our team has experience in dealing with every conceivable problem and we only use the best suppliers when it comes to replacement parts, so once the repair is complete you know that your computer is going to be running perfectly once more.

Computer networking with Dura-Tech

If you are a business that has a number of computers or devices that need to be connected to a central point, then we can help no matter how complex you believe it will be. Our technicians have the experience that is required to establish a network that is capable of running a vast number of connections at the one time and we only use equipment from top industry names to ensure that the entire thing runs as smoothly as possible.

Server repair with Dura-Tech

Having a problem with your server is going to be worrying for any business as it can mean loss of earnings especially with the way in which everything is connected together in a network and we rely on the Internet as much as we do. However, servers can run into technical difficulty as well as being compromised by external attacks, but here at Dura-tech we have the skills and experience required to fix any of those problems and get your server back up and running as quickly as possible.

Our team of engineers will first of all identify the problem and then explain to you what the issue is and what we need to do in order to repair it.

Server maintenance with Dura-Tech

One of the best ways to avoid running into any issues with your system is to have it checked on a regular basis. We offer a server maintenance solution at Dura-Tech whereby we monitor your system and take appropriate action should we see anything that is occurring that is putting your entire system at risk. Our engineers will check the server load, the amount of the processor that is being used, space that is available, and whether or not it is coming under attack in order to keep your business safe and secure. We understand the potential consequences should your server be compromised or develop a fault, but thanks to our experience we can help keep your server running perfectly and without it impacting on your business.

So if you have any kind of technical fault with your computers, networks, or servers, then contact us today to speak to one of our team. We will be able to assess the situation, then get you back up and running as quickly as possible to allow you to continue to do what you do best, which is server your clients and customers while feeling safe in the knowledge that your equipment is running perfectly.


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