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Disaster Recovery

DTE DataSecureBacking up your data is essential in the world today because even though technology is more secure than ever before there is always the risk of something going wrong. Here at Dura-Tech we make sure that all of the data that is stored on your network is safe at all times giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

What we offer.

The backup solutions that we offer will mean that your data is safe no matter if it is for VM, physical and cloud systems. We use, and support, the number one product on the market for not only backing up information, but restoring it as well with nothing being lost in between. Our team of engineers are experts in this field who will look at your situation and provide you with the best solution every single time. We are able to backup vast amounts of data at the one time through our system, so there is no need to worry about any data being lost should something go wrong.

Why our backup solutions are so good.

It is not just us that state that our backup solutions are the best in the business because the fact that we have won ten important technology industry awards tells its own story. These awards include winning the prestigious gold award in the backup solution category along with yet another gold in the disaster recovery category, so this shows how, by hiring Dura-Tech, you are indeed using the best in the industry. These awards come from the Windows IT Pro magazine, which is one of the mainstays of the industry and we then won further awards by being the ISV winner from Virtualization Review Magazine in their own backup category.

Giving you peace of mind.

By allowing us to look after your data you will be giving yourself peace of mind safe in the knowledge that the engineers at Dura-Tech are the best in the business and can handle any situation and safe your data no matter what happens. So if you are concerned about the safety of your data on your system, then contact us today on 815-468-6165 in order to schedule an appointment. A member of our team will then guide you through the entire process and come up with the perfect solution for your own personal needs allowing you to then relax in the knowledge that your data is indeed safe should anything go wrong.