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Managed Services

DTE ConnectedHere at Dura-Tech, we provide a range of managed services that are designed to make the technology part of your business run more smoothly. Our services cover areas such as business technology, ensuring that your network is secure at all times, and also making it easier to recover information should disaster strike.

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Agent Procedures

By using our Dura-Tech MSP Agent Technology it means that any system that is on your network is readily accessible no matter where they are located. This ease of access allows everything to run more smoothly allowing you to focus on other things.


Malware is a major security issue, but our Dura-Tech MSP Antimalware uses the latest technology that will not only detect any potential problems, but destroy it before any damage can be done. You can be sure that your network will remain unaffected by any attack that may occur thanks to the technology used by us at Dura-Tech.


Antivirus software is essential today due to the number of potential threats online. Our Dura-Tech MSP Antivirus especially for Windows workstations and servers will provide you with complete protection from the various threats that your system may encounter. Our software is managed from our central web based console providing you with round the clock protection.

Endpoint Security

Thanks to our Antivirus software, it does offer you the chance to include extra security to ensure that your entire system is protected at all times. This is where endpoint security comes into play and we can make the entire IT service delivery process as safe as possible thanks to the technology that we have at our disposal.

Audit and Inventory

Our audit and inventory service will allow for an up to date assessment of not only computers, but also mobile devices and servers. This can be done in several ways including via the Internet as well as LAN, and WAN and we can assure you that the audit itself is not only fast, but also extremely accurate.

Dura-Tech MSP Backup

Backing up your information is now vital and we can provide you with one of the most powerful solutions in the world. The Dura-Tech MSP Backup will automate the system, so that you never have to worry about any of your information that is stored on Windows servers and computers. Every type of file is safe as our system will not only carry out disk imaging, but also a remote backup at file level.

Desktop Migration

Our desktop migration services will allow you to backup user settings on any Windows desktop and allow that person to work at any workstation within the system and still use it with their own personal settings.

Directory Services

Our technology provides you with the ability to synch with either one or multiple directories and all from the one single dashboard. This will help to ensure that all of the company data is the same across every directory making it more readily available for anybody that has to access it at any point.

Mobile Help Desk

This application will provide you with mobile access in a safe manner. This is an ideal solution for not only technicians, but also service desk managers who many require access for a number of reasons.

Desktop Policy Management

Desktop Policy Management will allow you to carefully manage the end user experience on any desktop. It allows you to configure hardware settings as well as change interface options and anything else that may have an impact for the end user.

Imaging and Deployment

This service will allow complete computer system images to be captured and then transferred to any machine that is linked to your system. The image itself can also be sent to an image repository and all through a simple system.

Info Center

Knowing what is going on with your network at all times is essential for any SMB and that is where our info center can play a role. The reports that are created will let you know every single thing that is going on within your network infrastructure allowing you to make decisions that could have an impact on your services.

IT Delivery Kit

The IT delivery kit gives you access to literally 100’s of extra scripts that can help to automate so many processes that should play an integral role in your IT system. These scripts can help you to test your network, ensure everything is running smoothly, deal with access issues, changes to the configuration of your network and anything else that directly impacts on your business.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile device management will allow you to control your network even from a mobile device and give you the same level of access as you would expect from a desktop. This means that you get the same amount of access no matter where you are allowing the system to run more smoothly as a result.


Network monitoring is essential for any network or system as it will allow you to receive instant notification of any issues that may have arisen such as problems with disk space, processor issues, or problems with memory. Being notified about these issues as early as possible allows you to take the correct action in order to rectify them before too much damage has been done.

Network Discovery

The Dura-Tech MSP Network Discovery will not only find every single IP device that is connected, but will also catalogue them and allow you to manage them from one central location.

Network Monitor

Network monitoring should play an important role in any system as early notification of a potential issue will allow the appropriate action to be taken. The chances of critical problems arising will increase in accordance with the number of users, so using an early warning system such as this can reduce the length of downtime.

Dura-Tech MSP Online Backup

Dura-Tech MSP Online Backup will allow users to conduct backups of folders and files on any of the devices that are part of the network. This remote access allows the entire system to run more smoothly and can provide organizations with the ability to not only access information, but restore it at any point and on any machine.

Patch Management

For any SMB that has a network of any description, the Dura-Tech MSP Patch module is an essential component. This will ensure that your entire network is kept up to date with the latest patches that deal with any potential security concerns that have arisen.

Policy Management

IT policies can be complicated and even more so when you have a number of different policies spread across your business. Our policy management service will streamline this entire process from just a single dashboard rather than having to deal with every machine in your network. This will ensure that each machine is secure at all times.

PSA Integration

PSA Integration will allow for both a seamless and integrated platform that will allow any automated process to be conducted from just a single source. This will, in turn, allow for easier control over the network and ensure that everything is operating in the same manner.

Remote Access

By using Live Connect, you will gain full control from just the one single source and without it having an impact on how an end user is experiencing your system. This also works behind firewalls without any problems.

Remote Control

Remote controlling is used by IT experts in order to take over control of a computer within the network in order to help diagnose and deal with certain technical issues. By using a simple web browser, it allows them to gain access quickly and reduce the amount of downtime as a result.

Service Billing

Service billing can be a complex issue for larger networks, so any solution that can provide you with a consistent way of tracking your billing, either manually or recurring charges, should be a welcome addition to any network. With Dura-Tech, this is available through one single web-based dashboard that allows for easy access at all times.

Service Desk

A web based helpdesk is loved by customers and clients as it gives instant access to IT specialists who can advise and deal with any issues that may have occurred.

Software Deployment

Software deployment allows you to completely automate not only the deployment of new software, but upgrading existing programs. This can be done over a number of different domains and computers within the network and it is all controlled from a central location.