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Security Solutions for the Small & Medium Business

Dealing with security issues can be a daunting task for any small or medium sized business. However, we here at Dura-Tech, along with SonicWALL, have extensive experience in protecting your data communications as well as ensuring that any online transactions can be conducted in a safe manner. The solutions that we offer will grow with your business and we work hard to constantly make them affordable at all times.

Enterprise-class security at an affordable price.

Strong Secuity SolutionsOne major cause for concern for any SMB is that they often feel that having minimal security is enough, but in today’s world that is no longer the case. In actual fact, it is accepted by some that there may be some situations where very little security can be worse than having none at all, but that is where technology from SonicWALL can make a difference.

Quite simply, their security and data protection solutions will provide you with the latest enterprise-class level of security at an affordable rate. However, not only does it give you the security that you need in your SMB, but it is also extremely easy to implement and operate on a day to day basis.

Layered network security.

By installing the SonicWALL firewall and network security appliances it does mean that you now have a comprehensive security solution for your SMB. SonicWALL has been innovative when it comes to their level of security as they combine layered security with a whole host of other products to provide you with that complete solution. Their security systems utilize anti-virus programs, anti-spyware intrusion prevention, anti-spam solutions, application intelligence, and control and visualization systems that will guard you against real threats in real time. All of this can be easily configured thanks to a series of tools and wizards and can be applied to both wireless and wired appliances.

Secure remote access, remote support, and remote PC access.

More SMBs now require secure remote access to their systems, but of course with this security is always going to be a concern. The modern day business may have to access information from their office, home, out on the road, and from a variety of appliances, so clearly knowing that it is safe to access that information should be paramount for any company. SonicWALL is able to provide you with easy to use remote access to not only your desktops, but laptops, PDA’s and Smartphones and all without having to install any additional software. Their Virtual Assist and Virtual Access facilities will also provide you with remote access to your network in order to allow remote help without security being compromised.

Web and email security.

Every SMB is at threat from content related attacks via websites or even in emails. By using the SonicWALL Content Filtering Service, it means that you know that your network is going to be completely free from any content that may be harmful to you. Included in this is their Email Security solution that will help keep your inbox free from spam, phishing attacks and viruses within emails and all of this is done without compromising performance at any point.

Continuous data protection.

The SonicWall Continuous Data Protection System can provide you with a complete backup and recovery solution for your business. Technology within this area has improved considerably in recent years and CDP can always ensure the end user that their information, applications, and systems are being protected at all times.

In most cases, recovery involves a single file, but with CDP, the end user can direct the restore with this, in turn, reducing the expectation on IT services and allowing the restore to work more smoothly. CDP has managed to simplify the entire process by automating those boring tasks that can be time consuming making it so much easier for the SMB to use the solution without having to consult an IT expert every time. CDP will provide you with offsite data backup, site-to-site data backup, local archiving, and bare metal recovery and when you match this with the SonicWALL Universal Restore option you have a powerful resource that can deal with any disaster recovery scenario.

Management, monitoring, and reporting

Both Dura-tech and SonicWALL can provide you with just a single platform that can then be used to not only manage, but also monitor and report on what is happening within your network. We use SonicWALL ViewPoint reporting software for this process and this gives the end user access to graphics that not only show what is happening in their system in general, but how the bandwidth is being used, threats that have been identified and dealt with, how a website is being used, VPN reports, and just making sure that SMBs are compliant with industry regulations and mandates.

Wireless networking.

Thanks to services being continually updated, SonicWALL products have successfully engineered technology that has now made wireless networks as secure as wired. This in itself is groundbreaking as SMBs have long had concerns about the security of wireless networks, but that is no longer an issue. Instead, thanks to SonicWALL Unified Threat Management administrators can gain access to a wide range of solutions that allows them to control who gains access to networks no matter if they are wired or wireless. Appliances are given the same level of security, including anti-virus and anti-spyware no matter what is being used to access it.